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“Absolutely fantastic! Dolores Wylie used a gentle and very professional technique to bring about the release of trauma that gripped me for 40 years. I give my highest recommendation to her miraculous therapy. She rates 10 out of 10!”
Kristen Kay

“I was chronically ill for three years. With Dolores’ unique array of healing modalities, my body felt deeply seen and my emotions understood at levels I hadn’t previously experienced.  Dolores has cultivated a profound ability of holding space so the body is at ease while healing energy travels through it.  With Dolores’ loving guidance, I’ve learned how to embrace the beauty of the healing process. The gift of life is to feel well and at peace with oneself. Dolores has made that gift a reality for me.”
Ellen Freeman

” I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Dolores.  I did know that every time I’d speak of my Mom’s final days, I’d be filled with tears and remorse.  It feels like a miracle that now when I recall my Mom’s passing there are no more tears or regret.  In my opinion, Dolores has been gifted with a healing power that cannot be accomplished with traditional therapy
Deena Avery

“I’ve seen many types of therapist in the past and yet this was the first time I ever felt ‘heard’.  My work with Dolores has been the most life transforming.”
Carol Everett

“Life doesn’t feel so hard after a session with Dolores.”

“I was dealing with a major life stress and Dolores’ healing touch almost instantly calmed and quieted the raging storm within.”

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