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If you’ve not felt like yourself after an auto accident or surgery, have chronic pain, experienced loss, or suffered abuse, your body may be holding trauma. Trauma keeps a part of us stuck in the past and in essence, we become fragmented. By bringing body, mind and spirit back into alignment, we experience a state of well-being and enjoy life more fully.

During a phone or in-person session, Dolores uses one or more of the following modalities:

Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR)
STR is a gentle yet effective body-centered, scientifically proven approach that helps release trauma-bound energy. “Somatic” refers to the body and “trauma” is anything that overwhelms the nervous system. Although STR is part of the burgeoning field of body-based psychological healing, its roots are based on our body’s primal wisdom. This work also helps strengthen the nervous system to become more resilient to future stress.

Polarity Therapy
Understanding that blockages manifest first in the subtle realms and then in the physical body, Polarity Therapy helps release energy blocks and balances the flow of energy inside the body. Touch may be used to support the client’s movement of energy. Clients experience a sense of well-being when the mental, emotional, and physical energy fields and electromagnetic patterns are balanced.

Sound Therapy
Sound can instantaneously alter the body’s biochemistry, bringing body and mind into harmonic balance, and transcending one to higher levels of consciousness. Dolores adds to her medicine bag the use of tuning forks and drums, providing deep relaxation and healing by bringing the body back to its fundamental pulse.

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