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Badger-Hills-Dolores-WylieDolores Wylie knows that true healing starts from within.  She personally reconciled her physical and emotional wounds using the body’s innate wisdom and spacious compassion.  She is an artisan, equipped with abundant natural talent, a wealth of personal experience, and extensive training in both ancient techniques and conscious expanding neurophysiology.  As peacemaker, she gently guides others on an empowering journey to restore wellness and wholeness back into their lives.


  • Somatic Trauma Resolution – Health Wave Institute
  • Polarity Healing Therapy – Polarity Healing Arts of California
  • Sound Healing – Bio Sonics, Remo Health Rhythms
  • Parapsychology – Institute of Noetic Sciences, SoCal Psychic Inst

“Dolores Wylie’s creativity, curiosity, respect for all living beings and knowledge of alternative and energetic methods of healing provide her with skills that few leaders or teachers have.”

Fred Sugerman, Medicine Dance

“I trained Dolores in Somatic Trauma Resolution and am overjoyed at the way she is combining that work with her other formidable skills.  As a healer she is creative, potent, precise, inspired, compassionate and gentle.   I recommend her without hesitation.”

Sharon Porter, SEP, STR, RPP, RCST
Health Wave Institute
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Phone: (313) 444-5571
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